ELIXIRION - Position description

DC02-Project Title: Joint access and X-haul network optimization targeting at high energy- and cost-efficiency in Healthcare 4.0.


Integrated Access Backhaul (IAB), proposed as a 5G New Radio fiber-alternative, will play a key role in 6G, along with multi-GHz bands and Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTNs) Base Stations (BSs), e.g., Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). IAB can provide emerging data-hungry healthcare applications (e.g., hologram communication requiring up to few Tbps), with increased coverage via directional high-antenna-gain links, reliability via dual-connectivity-enabled IAB and reduced congestion via flexible routing. In parallel, widespread IAB adoption introduces significant challenges, which have not been fully addressed yet in terms of topology control, interference coordination and capacity sharing, especially for Time Division Duplex (TDD)-based Millimeter Wave (mmWave) transmissions and NTN BSs, thus necessitating the development of scalable routing and scheduling algorithms for joint control of IAB/non-IAB links sharing network/compute resources.

Doctoral Candidate’s (DC) role: Apart from considering other types of (high split) fronthaul and midhaul in addition to backhaul, the DC will formulate a joint access/X-haul problem, leveraging multi-GHz bands, computing capabilities at different nodes and incorporating both IAB/non-IAB links under a unified resource allocation scheme, so that all important network controls (e.g., TDD schedule, access/X-haul spectrum splitting, selected routes, Virtual Network Function (VNF) placement) are jointly optimized dynamically, to exploit inherent spatio-temporal traffic fluctuations, diverse compute capabilities and BS availability. Both optimal and low-complexity scalable solutions will be designed, employing Machine Learning (ML) (e.g., Reinforcement Learning, RL) and metaheuristics, targeting at 75% higher energy/cost efficiency than State-of-the-Art (SoA), while supporting up to 1 Tbps for massive Internet of Medical Things (IoMT).

DC's salary

A.1. Living allowance (per month) A.2. Mobility allowance (per month) A.3. Family allowance (per month if applicable)
2.774,40 €600,00 €660,00 €

Doctoral Candidate (DC) is recruited under a Type A employment contract. The living allowance is a gross amount, including compulsory deductions under national law, such as employer and employee social security contributions and direct taxes. Moreover, the DC will be eligible to receive mobility allowance and family allowance (if applicable) that could also be subject to taxation.