ELIXIRION - Position description

DC03-Project Title: Continuous low energy computing (CLEC) techniques on smart wearable multisensory IoMT devices targeting at high energy efficiency and prolonged battery lifetime.

Host institution: MCS DATALABS, Germany

Most modern Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices still use conventional task offloading models, which severely hurt device lifetime due to continuous data transfer and service response. Short battery lifetime, however, hinders the continuous vital signal monitoring by wearables, leading users to interrupt monitoring for the duration of charging and even more, thus, ditching its use. Therefore, it is necessary to drastically improve the energy and autonomy of the wearables leveraging the computation capabilities of modern embedded systems.

Doctoral Candidate’s (DC) role: The introduction of edge computing using advanced cross-level Approximate Computing (AC) with aggressive Near-Threshold-Voltage (NTV) scaling techniques constitutes a novelty for wearables and, besides increasing battery lifetime, will open the door for: 1) improved security & data privacy due to reduced data transfers and 2) autonomous use of full functionality of the device without the need to connect to a second device. The DC will aim at substituting the ultra-conservative “precise” computing abstraction for modern wearable IoMT, with a more flexible and efficient one, considering cooperative NTV hardware and AC techniques. To that end, The DC will target at 6x higher energy efficiency and prolonged battery lifetime as compared to existing on-market wearables (Empatica is currently targeted as a benchmark). These innovations will enable continuous 24/7 vital signs monitoring, facilitating the inclusion of smart wearable multi-sensor devices in personalized preventive medicine and disease management. The capacity for continuous and simultaneous Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm execution on the wearable, e.g., for blood pressure/glucose, stress level, will be also evaluated so as to develop remote comprehensive monitoring programs.

DC's salary

A.1. Living allowance (per month) A.2. Mobility allowance (per month) A.3. Family allowance (per month if applicable)
3.342,20 €600,00 €660,00 €

Doctoral Candidate (DC) is recruited under a Type A employment contract. The living allowance is a gross amount, including compulsory deductions under national law, such as employer and employee social security contributions and direct taxes. Moreover, the DC will be eligible to receive mobility allowance and family allowance (if applicable) that could also be subject to taxation.