ELIXIRION - Position description

DC09-Project Title: AI-enabled semantics-aware network management for cost-efficient and secure IoMT.

Host institution: LINKOPINGS UNIVERSITET Sweden

The additional constraints imposed in the network by the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) in terms of reliability, security, and affordability makes network service management a daunting task. Current approaches deal with Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled service management, but they are not adapted to fulfill the requirements imposed by IoMT. In particular, many challenges in AI-enabled networks need to be addressed. Long convergence times, memory complexity, the intricate behaviour of Machine Learning (ML) algorithms under uncertainty, and the network's highly dynamic channel, traffic, and mobility conditions contribute to these challenges. Currently, the freshness and the importance remain unutilized, thus, a core characteristic of the traffic and the properties of the devices are ignored, leading to suboptimal proposed schemes. The strain that secure IoMT will put into the current network service management techniques can be mitigated with the incorporation of Age of Information (AoI) and Value of Information (VoI) where currently are completely disregarded.

Doctoral Candidate’s (DC) role: The DC will leverage VoI and AoI to enable a massive number of devices to coexist without requiring additional network resources (e.g., when heart monitors need to send critical information, traffic flows/devices of high-risk patients will be prioritized). Thereby, leveraging privacy by design Reinforcement Learning (RL) techniques, a reduction in data management and signalling is expected, without sacrificing the conveyed information. In addition, to reduce intensive cryptographical computation, which is time- and energy-consuming for low cost and low-complexity devices in IoMT, physical layer security that leverages the properties of the physical channels will be also considered. To that end, new freshness-aware secrecy metrics will be designed beyond the conventional channel capacity-based secrecy metrics, targeting at least 75% higher energy/cost-efficiency than State-of-the-Art (SoA) and 100% reduction of uninformative information generation/transmission.

DC's salary

A.1. Living allowance (per month) A.2. Mobility allowance (per month) A.3. Family allowance (per month if applicable)
4.263,60 €600,00 €660,00 €

Doctoral Candidate (DC) is recruited under a Type A employment contract. The living allowance is a gross amount, including compulsory deductions under national law, such as employer and employee social security contributions and direct taxes. Moreover, the DC will be eligible to receive mobility allowance and family allowance (if applicable) that could also be subject to taxation.